Sally Zajichek Halvorson

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UPDATE 7/4/18 Sally passed away July 2/2018

Just received this wanted to pass along..
As some of you may already know our dear friend and former classmate Sally Zajichek Halvorson has been fighting ovarian cancer since August of 2015. It is with much sadness to tell you all that Sally is now under Hospice care. Know that she fought a hard battle with all her might. This post from her daughters Erin and Megan on her Caring Bridge page was made this morning. Update & Request 
Journal entry by Sally Halvorson — 3 hours ago
An update to all that yesterday morning mom was escorted by ambulance to Mitchell County Regional Health Center in Osage. She is now in Acute Hospice Care at the hospital. The care here is fantastic and Megan and I feel blessed she is in good hands and comfortable both physicially and spiritually. 
Something that I have been thinking about for a while now is getting together stories (funny, heartwarming or anything in between is welcomed) of mom for our family to read to her now and for her family and friends to read for years to come. So fellow Caring Bridge readers if you can post on this site, or if you feel more comfortable emailing me directly at, I will be compiling stories and pictures to capture and remember the impact that mom has made on so many people in the past, present and for generations to come.

Thank you all for your support and prayers of comfort and peace.

Erin & Megan

Please take the time if you have any stories or memories to share to put them either on her Caring Bridge page guestbook or email Erin. The link to her Caring Bridge page is :

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CHS Class of ’72 Reunion Update 5/12/17

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CHS Class of ’72 Reunion Update



The Memorial Challenge wrapped up today and we’re pleased to announce it was extremely successful!  18 classmates contributed $1,270 to honor the memory of one or more of those who are no longer with us, but are pictured below.  As a result the anonymous member of our class who threw out this challenge will be contributing an additional $1,000!  Some of the other Challenge donors also wish to remain anonymous thus we won’t be listing any in this update, however any of the donors who wish to publically recognize a deceased classmate may do so on the CHS Class of ’72 Facebook page.


With the completion of the Memorial Challenge we now have over $6,400 in our class fund.  Although this sounds like a huge amount, it still leaves us short of the $7,500 needed to purchase the class gift.  At this point we’ve only had 41 classmates contribute to the fund.  We could REALLY use a little more help!  Please consider making a contribution today……any amount would be sincerely appreciated.


Also attached is the latest update on those who have committed to attend.  We have 62 classmates who are planning on  coming, but we know they are several more who haven’t yet acknowledged they will be there.  Wouldn’t it be great if we could get this number up over 100!!  Please send an e-mail to if you are going to attend.


The next update will come out at the end of the month.  It will contain the full agenda for the weekend along with how to register for the Saturday night event at the Isle Hotel/Casino.  We look forward to seeing you in August!


The Class of ’72 Reunion Committee


CHS Class of ’72 Memorial Challenge Update 5/7/17

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CHS Class of ’72 Memorial Challenge Update
Three more donations were received since the last update. Mike Branch was remembered in one while the other two were made in memory of all those who are no longer with us.
We are very happy to share that these contributions resulted in our meeting the $1,000 challenge set forth by one of our classmates! That being said we still encourage you to make a donation in honor of any or all of those individuals who are gone.
Additionally, as of yet no one has stepped up to Char (Putnam) McGovern’s challenge. She donated $100 and has challenged anyone affiliated with any aspect of the medical field to match her donation. Who will step up and meet this challenge???
Please make your check payable to DCHS Class of ’72 and send it to Sam Yarham at 6 Black Hawk Court, Eldridge, IA 52748.
Thank you very much for your support!
Class of ’72 Reunion Committee

Donate using PayPal

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CHS Class of ’72 Memorial Challenge Update 4/30/17

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CHS Class of ’72 Memorial Challenge Update
Six additional donations have come in since the last update! These donations were made in memory of Mike Branch, Carol (Rocha) Allender, Kevin O’ Dette, Gregg Newell, and Randy Rathje. We’re now nearing the $1,000 challenge goal set forth by one of our classmates.
In addition to that, Char (Putnam) McGovern has issued another challenge to anyone in the medical field (any aspect) to match her donation of $100!! Who will step up to do that???
Don’t miss your opportunity to make a donation in memory of a classmate or in response to Char’s challenge. Memorial Challenge donations will be accepted through May 12. us reach the $1,000 goal for the anonymous donor to match that amount!!
Please make your check payable to CHS Class of ’72 and send it to
Sam Yarham at 6 Black Hawk Court, Eldridge, IA 52748.
Thank you very much for your support!
Class of ’72 Reunion Committee

Class Donation Challenge

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With increased communication leading up to the Class of ’72 45th reunion one loyal Blue Devil was saddened to learn 52 members of our class have already passed away.  In memory of all those who will never again attend our Class of ’72 reunion our classmate committed to donate $52 toward the purchase of our class gift.  Furthermore, this Blue Devil CHALLENGES EVERYONE to contribute a gift of $52 (or any amount) in memory of our deceased classmates and has pledged to match all contributions up to $1,000 through their anonymous donation.  Still thinking about supporting our initiative to purchase our very first class gift? 

Respond to this memorial challenge by no later than Friday, May 12.  If we hear from enough people by then we have the potential to add $2,000 toward the $7,500 needed to purchase the sound system for the newly renovated weight room that our reunion committee recommended.

To act on this challenge, please send an e-mail to listing the amount you intend to donate and who you would like to memorialize with your donation.  Then send your check made payable to CHS Class of ’72 to Sam Yarham, 6 Black Hawk Court, Eldridge, IA  52748. 

Look for updates on our Facebook page and other channels of communication.

Go Blue Devils!

Class of ’72 Reunion Committee

45th Reunion Update 4/13/17

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Reunion Update 4/13/17
Hello ’72 Classmates!
With our reunion a little over 4 months away we wanted to send out an update on our plans. Everything is coming together nicely and we expect to have a final agenda for the weekend with specific details available no later than the end of May. This will include times, ticket cost & food/beverage info for Saturday night, and how to sign up/purchase your tickets in advance. If you anticipate needing a hotel room we suggest booking it as soon as possible since the closer we get to the reunion the fewer the number of rooms the hotel will set aside for us. If you misplaced the info on the special room rates and how to make a reservation you can contact Dennis Goettsch at
There is good news and bad news regarding our initiative to raise funds to purchase our first class gift. The good news is we have raised over $2,500 so far! The “not so good” news is we have only had 15 individuals contribute. If you are planning to make a donation to our class fund please do so within the next 30 days. We’d like to use any funds left over after purchasing the class gift to offset the cost of the Saturday night event in order to keep ticket prices low. If you are still contemplating whether or not to donate, PLEASE do so! Every donation no matter how big or small is needed and greatly appreciated.
Finally, if you do plan to attend the reunion this year, please send an e-mail to We would like to publish a list of who is coming on an ongoing basis to encourage those of you who may be on the fence to attend. At the risk of sounding morbid we are at the age now where in the 5 years between reunions we will likely lose several classmates. Don’t miss this wonderful opportunity to see good friends and remember the great times from the early 70’s!
We look forward to seeing you in August!
The Class of ’72 Reunion Committee

45th Reunion update 3/5/17

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Just got this update from committee
Hello Fellow Classmates! Can you believe our reunion is less than 6 months away?! If you haven’t made plans to attend yet we really hope you will do so soon! As provided in an earlier notice we have a block of rooms set aside at a reduced rate at the Isle Hotel & Casino, however there is a limited quantity at the lower rate so if you’re going to need a hotel room you should book your stay as soon as possible. We have been in touch with CHS and have made plans to have a tour of the school for all interested on Saturday August 12 in the midmorning. With the major renovations that have been done we expect many of you will want to check this out. More specific details will follow as we get closer to the reunion. Recently we sent out a note regarding our initiative to raise funds to purchase our first class gift. We’ve had several classmates step up and contribute right away, but we really need more of you to help out with this. Please consider making a donation! Last, if any of you would be willing to help with some aspects of the reunion please send me an e-mail at Since most of us on the committee are located several hours away from Davenport it would be helpful to have a small group of people who could assist us. If you have any questions regarding anything above, please don’t hesitate to contact any of us on the reunion committee.
Al Baysinger -; 505-321-0712 Bob Devermann -; 920-420-2015 Chriss Gwin -; 563-381-0378 Dennis Goettsch - Dennis; 952-300-1332 Jim Jensen -; 218-850-0186

45th Reunion Update 1/23/17

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Hi CHS ’72 Classmates!
One of the reunion committee’s goals in organizing the upcoming 45 year reunion is to make it a fun, inviting, quality experience, and most importantly, affordable for all. A second objective is to provide a “gift” to Central High School in honor of the Class of ’72. For those of you who have attended reunions in the past you have possibly heard comments like, “why can’t we have this at a nicer location?" or “the food could/should be better”. There have been two primary reasons for this.
First and foremost has been the concern about making it affordable for all. We can all agree we don’t want to preclude anyone attending because it’s too pricey. Second, even though the past reunions have been organized to keep expenses low the primary organizer has had to absorb costs of unpaid tickets, decorations, and flowers because our class has never had much of a “Class Fund”. We all owe her a HUGE debt of gratitude for not only taking on the responsibility of organizing the reunions, but for covering the shortfall out of her own pocket! For some reason our class has struggled with reunion finances in the past when we compare our reunion to those of other DCHS classes.
The reunion committee has been hard at work behind the scenes to meet the primary objective stated above. After scouting out several potential locations we were successful in securing a perfect sized banquet facility at a very favorable rate at the Isle of Capri Hotel/Casino. In addition we successfully negotiated discounted hotel lodging for the weekend for alumni attendees. We are confident you will find the food associated with the reunion to be a significant upgrade as well. Beyond that we are also planning a few new “extras” to enhance your enjoyment of the Saturday night event.
The second objective above refers to providing a Class of ’72 gift. To that end we have worked with DCHS to identify a need which won’t be met through their normal budgeting process. As you may know the school is in the midst of an extensive renovation. The area which used to be the swimming pool has been filled in and is being converted to a weight room. Targeted to be completed in the spring they would like our assistance in procuring a music system for that area. Loud music is a huge motivator for the younger generation and provides the type of stimulating environment they crave. The new weight room will be much larger than the existing one given the current one is always overcrowded. This area will be utilized by athletes, both female and male, in conjunction with their Better, Faster, Stronger program which has its own dedicated instructor. Additionally it will be used by non-athletes who recognize the importance of combining weight training with aerobic exercise to maximize the benefit of their workouts. The total cost for this new music system is $7,000.
In order to meet both of these objectives we are establishing our version of a Class of ’72 “Go Fund Me” initiative. Through contributions from our class we will be able to purchase our very first class gift and will utilize whatever funds remain to offset the cost of the Saturday night event in order to keep it affordable for all given it will be the only ticketed event of the weekend. YOU can help make this happen. If you can find a way to make even a small contribution it will help and you can feel good about having done your part. For those who are willing and able to make a more significant contribution we humbly ask that you do so. Helping provide a class gift and making sure Saturday night is not too expensive is certainly a cause worthy of your generous support. The Class of ’72 has always been an extraordinary one. Let’s all make this fundraising effort reflect that!
Chriss Gwin and Sam Yarham have agreed to manage our bank account. Please make your check payable to CHS Class of ’72 and send it to
Sam at 6 Black Hawk Court, Eldridge, IA 52748.
Thank you very much for your support!
Class of ’72 Reunion Committee
NOTE - we anticipate the ticket price for Saturday will be similar to that of the past & you do not need to donate to the class gift in order to attend any of the weekend activities.

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